"A horse is a horse, it ainĀ“t make a difference what color it is" ... John Wayne

Exceptional Experience

Had an exceptional experience recently with a horse transporter and wanted to share — We ship quite a few horses, but Gilfry Horse Transport, was simply heads and shoulders above the norm. The first positive was a phone call when they picked up our horse, just to let me know the horse was gentle and settled in. I mean, who does that? The driver actually called me, on his own initiative, FOUR times within 18 hours just to keep me posted. When here, the driver was patient with the horses — clean, clean, clean as far as trailer and feed/water, and also extremely polite and courteous. I was not only impressed with how he dealt with our horse, but the others on his trailer who were headed for another 12 hours of travel. Regular truck and 4 horse trailer, but super tidy and nice and I’m just SUPER pleased with their overall performance. If anyone has the chance to work with this company, I think you will have an equally positive experience.