"A horse is a horse, it ainĀ“t make a difference what color it is" ... John Wayne

Treated my emergency like an emergency

My horse had a 2 inch wire puncture the bottom of her foot and, of course not only was it a weekend but it was Memorial Day weekend. I had a vet come out on Friday night and initially pulled the wire and treated her but insisted I get her to Chaparral Clinic ASAP. My pickup wasn’t big enough to pull a load up and down the mountain to Phoenix from the Prescott area. My neighbor and I searched all weekend for a way to get her down there but had no luck. Finally, Tuesday morning my neighbor ran across Gilfry Transport and I gave them a call. They already had someone scheduled that day but called the girls whose horses she was supposed to move and got the okay to postpone their move and take my horse to Phoenix. First of all, I am more grateful to the girls who rescheduled than they will ever know and a big shout out to them. Gilfry Transport arrived by early afternoon. They were so patient and careful loading her. I will be forever grateful to them for getting my horse to the help she needed.